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Party Info and Rules

No photography. No cell phones inside play space. Kindly check iWatches and any other internet-connected devices.

Dress code: Underwear, gear or naked with some type of footwear on your feet. You may carry around a small bag at this party.


Hygiene/Safety. If you’re a first-time fisting top, be gentle. You don’t want to hurt someone! That is, unless your bottom asks you to move with greater force 😉. Make sure your fingernails are über short and filed and that there are no cuticles hanging off. Even small abrasions can hurt your bottom’s bottom. We have black nitrile gloves for you to wear but whether you go gloved or bare is up to you and your partner.

Bring your own fisting lube. Because your choice of fisting lube is very individual, and because you need to have the lube with you when you’re getting into it, we ask that you bring your own bottle of lube if you plan on taking a fist. We'll have some lube in case some people forget.

If you plan to bottom, do all of your cleaning out at home! You should be totally empty by the party time as messes put a real damper on the party atmosphere. Because while taking a fist you might drip lube or piss a little, take a pee pad from the bar area before you play deep.

Poppers are allowed, but know your limits. BYOB is allowed, but no glass bottles! Also, there is no refrigerator FYI. Smoking, with the exception of vaping devices, is not allowed. Illegal drug use is not permitted and will get you kicked out of the party. Maximum Impact and similar inhalants under pressure are not allowed.

Water and snacks are complimentary and are in the bar area.

Toys and dildos. Feel free to bring a toy or two to this party.

Supplies we provide: Condoms; water-based lube; back-up fisting lube for those who forget (again, bring your own fisting or silicone lube); pee pads; black nitrile gloves; soap; paper towels; mouthwash.


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